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Medical & Hospitals

Hospitals for Veterans Australia wide

DVA delivered hospital based care

Hospitals supporting Veteran PTSD Recovery

SA Veteran PTSD Recovery Jamie Larcombe

NSW St John of God Richmond Hospital

Current ADF Veterans Provider Network which consists of Allied Health, Medical Specialists and hospitals that deliver services as part of the ADF Health Services Contract

Accommodation Information

Children whilst a Veteran is in hospital and there are no other friends or family to provide care.  Emergency Care (1-4 weeks care) or Short Term Care (4 weeks to 6 months).

DVA Medicine subsidy

Did you know?

DVA considers funding medicinal cannabis on a case by case basis in accordance with DVA’s medicinal cannabis policy framework.   A treating doctor is able to make a submission to DVA to fund Medicinal Cannabis, on a veteran’s behalf.

DVA will decline funding for medicinal cannabis when:

  • The submission is for a mental health condition.

  • There are scientific findings that the treatment may not be effective or safe.

  • DVA card eligibility criteria is not met.

  • The treating medical specialist relevant to the medical condition being treated has not provided written assessment and support for the medicinal cannabis to be prescribed.

  • The medicinal cannabis product being prescribed is to be compounded by a pharmacy and does not have a TGA approval for the product.

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The Department of Veterans' Affairs has developed the Veterans' Medicines Advice and Therapeutics Education Services (Veterans' MATES) project with the aim of improving the use of medicines and related health services in the veteran community.

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Subsidy for nutritional supplements for eligible veterans and war widow(er)s. 


A dietitian can recommend an eligible Veteran and war widow(er)s nutritional supplements to be subsidised by DVA, on an individual basis, if the supplements are clinically necessary to support your accepted condition.  The Dietician sends their recommendation to your GP and to the Veterans’ Affairs Pharmaceutical Advisory Centre (VAPAC), for prior approval.  Then the approved prescription is provided to you at your pharmacy as a subsidy. 

NOTE:  DVA States on the D9165 form:  "The quantity approved is 1 month’s supply. Repeats may be granted in line with the patient’s needs and stability of treatment to a maximum of 5. It is a requirement that the patient be re-assessed by a Dietitian after 6 months to determine their ongoing need, and tolerance of the chosen supplement."

Occupational Therapists for Veterans

You may need a referral from your doctor.

OT Specialists

In the link - change the Funding Scheme search to:  Dept of Veteran Affairs

TMS Australia

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is a procedure that uses magnetic fields to stimulate nerve cells in the brain to improve symptoms of depression. This treatment for depression involves delivering repetitive magnetic pulses, so it's called repetitive TMS or rTMS.  


MBS items 14216, 14217, 14219 and 14220 will provide funding for the delivery of rTMS treatment to DVA clients with diagnosed medication-resistant major depressive disorder.  Seek advice from your Psychiatrist or seek a Psychiatrist via the link to TMS Australia whom can claim the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) items for any Veteran Card holder accessing and are entitled for rTMS services.

Health Programs

DVA delivered Programs

DVA Permanent Telehealth

Australian Dept of Defence

Listed Programs

Open Arms delivered Programs

Medical Service Near you

State/Territory Based Medical Advice (link to each individual State/Territory) 

DVA Services Links

Services covered by Veteran Cards – Gold & White

What a DVA health card covers for full details about card entitlements.

A Veteran Card – Gold or White covers:

Find a Health Service near you

Free Australian health advice you can count on.
Government-funded service, providing quality, approved health information and advice

Physiotherapist search near you

You may need a referral from your doctor.

Practitioner search near you

The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) is the organisation responsible for the implementation of the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme across Australia.Ahpra keeps a list of every health practitioner who is registered to practise in Australia in the professions below:   The list is called the ‘Register of practitioners’. When a health practitioner’s name appears on the list, you know that they are allowed to practise. Sometimes a registered practitioner has a type of registration or conditions that limit what they can do. This information is also published on the list. 

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Practice

  • Chinese Medicine

  • Chiropractic

  • Dental practice

  • Medical practice (doctors)

  • Medical radiation practice

  • Nursing

  • Midwifery

  • Occupational therapy

  • Optometry

  • Osteopathy

  • Paramedicine

  • Pharmacy

  • Physiotherapy

  • Podiatry

  • Psychology

You can also contact your GP for a Mental Health Plan.


Check your eligibility here:  mental health treatment plan

You can find a Health professional here:


What does Medicare Cover me and or my family outside of DVA?

Brisbane QLD - The Australian Veteran Health Services (AVHS) is a boutique medical service designed to assist service personnel in their transition from military life to civilian life.  A medical service run by Veterans for Veterans.


DVA may provide eligible persons with transport when travelling for approved medical treatment.