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Your income stream can make a huge difference to your financial position and there are many Veterans who either don’t realise they qualify for a pension. Government allowances and concessions are often overlooked which means that .you may not be receiving the maximum entitled to you.  Financial Planners focus on helping you with advice on your current circumstances and the Advocacy groups are there to help you apply and access DVA benefits, which is what you may be entitled too. 

ADF Superannuation

Prior to 1 July 2016 you may be a member of either:

  • Military Superannuation and Benefits Scheme (MSBS), closed to new members from 1 July 2016

  • Defence Force Retirement and Death Benefits (DFRDB), closed to new members from 1 October 1991.

After 1 July 2016 you will either be a member of the ADF Super or you may have chosen your own superannuation fund.

Australian Government Superannuation Corporation

learn more about MSBS or DFRDB schemes.

Australian Government Superannuation Corporation

Learn how your ADF super is treated and calculated

ADF Financial Services Consumer Centre

Learn how super works and how to sustain your future

ADF Pay Conditions - Superannuation

Learn how your super is treated and calculated

Super Stapling or Stapled Meaning

From 1 November 2021, employees (including new ADF personnel) will become 'stapled' to their existing super accounts. This means that when a new employee doesn't choose a super fund, their employer must pay super contributions into their existing account (stapled fund). If there's no chosen fund or stapled super fund the employer must pay super contributions into their nominated default fund.  

Transitioned from the ADF and your Superannuation

Legal and financial advice

Australian Government Superannuation Corporation

Information for transitioning and your super

Australian Government - Money Smart 

Australian Government - ATO 

Track your Super

Where to go to find out more about your super
You can monitor your super with your myGov account linked to ATO online services, you can find out more at 

This enables you to: view details of all your super accounts, including lost or unclaimed amounts.

Superannuation NEWS

Australian Government - ASIC

Superannuation news and reports

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Veteran supported services for lower living costs

Home Loans

Veterans may opt for a standard home loan or apply with a specialist lender that offers unique solutions for veterans. Three lenders that provide home loans as part of the DHOAS are Defence Bank, Australian Military Bank, and NAB. DSH loans are available through Westpac.

Defence Bank

Australian Military Bank




Associated insurances. Eligibility for each scheme is dependent upon your qualifying period of service.  providing tailored home building insurance for veterans

Defence Service Home Insurance Scheme

Health Insurance

Defence Health



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Property Advice

Strike Property was founded by Dan Irwin and Dane Roche. Their mission is to lay the foundations to build financial freedom through property for the Defence Community, their family, and their friends. They are both military veterans, whom both hold Qualified Property Investment Adviser (QPIA®) accreditation - only a QPIA® has the appropriate formal qualifications to provide genuine advice about property investment to help buyers to make well-considered, strategic decision about property investment..

LawRight increases access to housing, income and legal rights and improves the health and wellbeing of vulnerable people.

Find a qualified Advocate near you

Find a financial Advisor near you

Department of Defence Transitioning & Finances

Department of Defence  Current Serving & Families Finances

DVA payments

"In most cases, we will have to accept liability for a physical or mental condition before we can pay you an income support payment  or   compensation.  You will need to apply via MyService to get us to accept liability."

DVA & Overseas Information

Did you know?   

If you get a Department of Veterans’ Affairs Disability Compensation Payment at the Special Rate (totally and permanently incapacitated) paid under the Veterans’ Entitlement Act 1986, you will meet the manifest medical rules with Services Australia.  However, keep in mind, you will also need to meet the non-medical rules to get Disability Support Pension (DSP).

Manifestly Disabled

In order to prevent veterans claimants being sent to medical examinations that are unnecessary, Commission has defined 'manifest'.    1.1.M.30 Manifest grants (DSP) | Social Security Guide (


Definition of manifest – service pension

'Manifest' for service pension purposes means that the veteran clearly and obviously meets the invalidity service pension eligibility criteria, based on the presenting medical evidence available to the Department. No additional medical assessment or work capacity test is required for the decision maker to form an opinion regarding 'permanently incapacitated'.

White Structure

Prepare for retirement

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Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT)

ACAT assesses the medical, physical, cultural, psychological and social care needs of frail older persons to help them access a range of Australian Government-subsidised aged care services.

Main Entry Point to Aged Care

The main entry point to aged care for Veterans, War Widows(ers) and all Australians who need aged care advice, information, services and support is through My Aged Care.   Some of the services supported through My Aged Care is Home care and Residential Care.

Prepare to change to age pension

From the DSP

Age Pension with DVA

Gold Card holders may be entitled to services from DVA as well as myagedcare, provided the same service is not being accessed from both providers for example you cannot request cleaning from both DVA and myagedcare

Support for rural and remote areas My Aged Care

A little more understanding who is who in the Aged Care Circle & services


The Regional Assessment Service (RAS) provides personalised assessments to assess eligibility for aged care services. RAS helps people to maximise their independence and remain at home.


The Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) assesses the needs of older people. It makes recommendations for government-funded care and support, including: Home care services (such as Home Care Packages) Aged care homes.

WHAT is the difference between RAS and ACAT?

When you are looking for aged care services, both RAS and ACAT organisations conduct assessments.

RAS will determine if you are eligible for Commonwealth Home Support Program Services, generally if you only require low-level support to stay independent at home.   ACAT provides a more comprehensive assessment, if you require more complex, regular support.  They  will assist you to apply for aged care and determine if you require a Home Care Package, short-term care or an aged care home. 


If you’re able to manage, but need support with a few tasks at home, you might be eligible for support through the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP).


If you need many care and support services on an ongoing basis to help you live independently, a Home Care Package (HCP) may be more suitable. This will provide a package of care and services and go beyond what the CHSP can provide.

Elderly couple

Aged Care Guide

Over 6000 aged care providers.  Comprehensive information and guide

Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Manage medicine and keep costs down

DVA offers financial aid and support services to help veterans organise and manage medicine and keep costs down.

Financial     Crisis      Support hub

Legal and financial advice

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