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A brief view

of payments

Getting the right financial advice is important for Veterans and their families, and it maximises your investment outcomes.  Financial plans outlines the necessary steps to ensure you have enough money for your individual goals and future.   We recommend that you find a DVA registered advocate to assist you with your payments and also seek financial advice from a suitable qualified financial advisor.

The Veteran payment

The Veteran Payment is a short-term payment made to eligible veterans who:

You may receive this payment while DVA assesses your claim for a mental health condition.

Partner payments

Your partner may receive a Veteran Payment of their own. If you are a member of a couple, you will be paid at the couples rate. DVA may pay you at the singles rate if you have to separate due to illness.


NOTE:   An advocate is trained and is bound by privacy and confidentiality to assist you in making a claim - ATDP advocates do not charge fees for lodging a claim


What changes your payments and, how your DVA payments may affect your Services Australia payments and the ATO.

As DVA provides a range of financial support to Veterans and families, those payments may affect the amount of payment you can get from Services Australia. 

Most types of income count in your income test. Serices Australia uses this and your assets test to assess if you can get a payment, and to calculate your rate of payment.

DVA looks at the value of your assets and businesses when working out the rate of your support payments.

When to declare taxable and tax-free government payments, pensions and allowances in your tax return.

To learn more about the various payouts handled by DVA and how this relates to you as a Veteran, current or former ADF member, the following organisations have prepared easy-to-follow guides.

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