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Any individual who is serving or has served in the Australian Defence Force (ADF) is considered a veteran, whether their service was undertaken within Australia or overseas. All veterans with at least one day permanent or continuous full-time service and their immediate family members are entitled to free and confidential mental health support services for life.

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Defence Health & Wellbeing Portal
Resources for all current and ex-serving ADF Members and their families.

Current and past full-time members of the ADF may be able to access free mental health treatment. This includes reservists who have at least one day of continuous full-time service (CFTS.   You do not need to prove that your ADF service caused the conditions.  DVA will cover the cost through Non-Liability Health Care (NLHC).


Mental health treatment can be provided to you by a:


  • Alcohol or other drug community-based program approved by DVA

  • GP,

  • Hospital,

  • Mental Health program by an Occupational therapist,

  • Mental Health program by a Social Worker,

  • Psychologist,

  • Psychiatrist,

  • PTSD program

You will need a Veteran White Card that covers mental health treatment, or a Veteran Gold Card.

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Chaplains provide pastoral care and diverse spiritual support. 

ADF Chaplains 1300 333 362

Chaplains 1800 24 27 52

Chaplaincy Australia

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OPEN ARMS - Safe Zone Support is a free and anonymous counselling line for all current and ex-serving ADF personnel, veterans and their families. It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

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Defence Member and Family Support provides a range of support services, assistance and resources to support families during deployment & family member absence. Partners of ADF members can access a range of services, including employment assistance funding and support during the ADF member's deployment.

24hour Service for Triage and health support for ADF members

24hour Support and information for ADF Family Members

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Open Arms




Open Arms provides free and confidential counselling to anyone who has served at least one day in the ADF, their partners and families.  

Eligibility matrix

A quick overview of eligibility criteria.

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Open Arms




Phone Line 
1800 011 046
For free support, 24 hours a day, current ADF & families

Phone Line 
1800 011 046
For free support, 24 hours a day, current ADF & families

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"Open Arms offers a variety of free training opportunities to those seeking to help family, friends, co-workers or others in the veteran community." 

 Open Arms Mental Health Workshops

Open Arms welcomes its partnership with the Returned and Services League of Australia (RSL) to deliver mental health training to any volunteers in the veteran community.

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Callback Service