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For Veterans and their families

Defence Special Need Support Group Inc.
The Defence Special Needs Support Group Inc is a non-profit benevolent volunteer organisation established to assist Navy, Army and Air Force families with a family member with special needs. 


DVA funds clinically necessary community nursing services for DVA clients. This care must be provided in the home. 

Help if you cannot pay for home care services

Patient with Healthcare Nurse

DVA offers practical support to help you stay independent and in your own home. For complex or high-level care needs, your GP can refer you to DVA's Community Nursing program.

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Carer Gateway

If you care for a veteran, you can use the same supports and resources as other carers. You’ll also find specific services and resources that cater for carers of veterans.

Tax concessions on cars for people with a disability

Eligibility for veterans

You're eligible for car tax concessions if you are a veteran with a disability and you:

  • intend to use the car for your personal transport from the date you get the car, for either 

    • two years

    • until the car has travelled 40,000 kilometres


  • have served in the Australian Defence Force or any other Commonwealth armed force and as a result of that service any of the following apply 

    • you lost a leg or both arms

    • total and permanent loss of use in a leg or both arms

    • you receive a totally and permanently incapacitated (TPI) pension

    • you receive a special rate disability pension.

Eligibility for people with disability

You're eligible for car tax concessions if you:

  • have a certificate that certifies you have lost the use of one or more limbs to the extent that you are unable to use public transport – this can either be 

    • a permanent certificate issued by Medibank Health Solutions (MHS)

    • a current certificate of medical eligibility from a medical practitioner – these are valid from 9 December 2020 and can be permanent or temporary


  • intend to use the car to travel to or from gainful employment from the date you get the car, for either 

    • two years

    • until the car has travelled 40,000 kilometres.

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders