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On 16 February 2023, the Minister for Defence and the Minister for Veterans’ Affairs announced the commencement of consultation on the legislation pathway that has been developed by Government. Core elements of the proposed framework

  • Establishing an improved version of MRCA as the sole ongoing scheme.

  • Closing out VEA and DRCA to new compensation related claims.

  • all existing arrangements to ensure there is no reduction in entitlements currently being or previously received by veterans. Current payment rates are maintained and indexed normally.

A single ongoing Act will provide coverage for all future claims for compensation from a future date, irrespective of when and where the veteran served, or when their injury or illness occurred. A single Act system will provide greater clarity and consistency around entitlements for veterans and their families, simplifying claims.

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Legislation Library for Veterans

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Veterans’ Entitlements Act 1986 (VEA) and Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2004

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Keep an eye out in 2023.


The last review was conducted for 2019-20 National Consultation Framework.   


There has been a lot of “on the ground” feedback regarding the framework and representation for the whole of the Veteran community since its inception.    Keep an eye on the review for 2023-2024 National Consultation Framework.  


The review generally includes the following issues:

  • The effectiveness of the current NCF structure in facilitating communication and consultation between the Department and the broader ex-service community.

  • Alternative forum structures and roles.

  • The ability of the NCF to appropriately represent the needs of the serving and ex-serving communities and their families; and

  • Effective and innovative ways in which to consult with the serving and ex-serving community and their families, both in the context of this review and in the future.


What is the purpose of the NCF?

Forums allegedly consider matters of importance to the veteran community, hear reports and updates, make recommendations for change and provide a voice to sections of the community that might not be otherwise heard.


The NCF is currently comprised of the following forums:

  • Ex-Service Organisation Round Table (ESORT)

  • National Aged and Community Care Forum (NACCF)

  • Operational Working Party (OWP)

  • Younger Veterans - Contemporary Needs Forum (YVF)

  • Council for Women and Families United by Defence Service



The ESO Round Table (ESORT) comprises the National Presidents or their equivalents of the member organisations.


Female Veterans Families Forum (FVFF) was established to provide a platform for female veterans’ family members to raise issues directly with the Government and DVA


The National Aged and Community Care Forum (NACCF) brings together a range of aged care experts, including ESOs and those in the aged care industry.


The Operational Working Party (OWP) provides the department with the opportunity to inform the members on matters of operational policy and discuss potential improvements, and for the members to raise operational matters of concern.


The Younger Veterans - Contemporary Needs Forum (YVF) comprises of younger serving or former serving members with contemporary experience (post 1999) or representative who have a direct association with contemporary conflicts (e.g widows / partners)


State and Territory forums comprise representatives from state and sub-branches of several ESOs.




ESO Round Table (ESORT)


What do they represent?

A forum aimed at addressing and resolving issues of strategic importance to the ex-service communities.


Who are the people representing our communities?


What have they been doing?





National Aged and Community Care Forum


What do they represent?

A forum designed to provide information on the current and future aged care needs of veterans, war widow/widowers and other members of the ex-service community.


Who are the people representing our communities?


What have they been doing?





Operational Working Party


What do they represent?

A forum to discuss concerns arising from the delivery of DVA services identify and provide recommendations for improvements in operational policy to promote quality and accountability in service delivery.


Who are the people representing our communities?


What have they been doing?




Younger Veterans - Contemporary Needs Forum


What do they represent?

A forum to enhance the ex-service community's understanding of DVA's service delivery performance through information sharing and improved communication between DVA and the ex-service community


Who are the people representing our communities?


What have they been doing?



State and territory forums


What do they represent?

Forums where ex-service groups meet with us to give their views about our services and advise us on any veterans' welfare issues in their state or territory.

















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