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Claiming for Benefits

You may find that the Australian Government websites have comprehensive information and you may need a little help with navigating vital support,  if you are a veteran and would like to speak to someone regarding your individual needs,


AV Connect recommends that you contact the relevant departments:   

DVA Veteran Access Network (VAN) officer 1800 838 372  or in person at a DVA office,    Medicare officer on 132011 or in person at the Services Australia Centres

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Have you considered the below while claiming?

DVA has free mental health care which means that you do not need to prove that your ADF service caused mental conditions, and DVA will cover your mental health treatment. They may  cover the cost through their Non-Liability Health Care (NLHC).  Learn more via their link

DVA  may provide you with a payment while you wait for them to approve your claim for a mental health condition under the MRCA or DRCA. The Veteran Payment is an interim payment that you may receive while DVA assesses your claim.

Medical Discharging?

Are you in the process of a medical discharge from the ADF?  there are comprehensive amounts of information and documentation that you may need to take into account.

It is important, that if you have sustained a disease or injury as part of your service, to lodge a claim with DVA, as soon as you are able to, prior to being medically discharged.  

There are a few medical classifications when discharging from the ADF (ADF Medical Employment Classification Scheme (MECS) and these are :

  • MEC1: Fully employable and deployable;

  • MEC2: Employable and deployable with restrictions;

  • MEC3: Rehabilitation;

  • MEC4: Employment transition;

  • MEC5: Medically Unfit for Further Service (Separation),

    • ​Sub-classification MEC J51 - Not Employable on Medical Grounds
    • Sub-classification MEC J52 - Not Employable on Medical Grounds​


Note:  If you have been assessed as MEC4, your medical information may have been referred to the Medical Panel Review Board (MECRB), who will likely make a decision if a medical discharge is appropriate under the circumstances presented to them.  It is important that, as soon as practical, for you to consider your options, including seeking advice and assistance with submitting a claim to DVA.

The system is complex therefore it is important that you research and reach out to a qualified personnel or professional to see what benefits you may be entitled to and what legislation you are covered by.

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