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Overseas Allied Veteran Services

Some British, Commonwealth and Allied veterans who served in conflicts in which Australia was involved may also be eligible for pensions/or benefits from DVA.  Please use the DVA links for more information

Links to Overseas Veteran Affairs

Australian Veteran Travelling or living  overseas

DVA Health Card arrangements are primarily designed to support entitled persons seeking treatment within the Australian health care system.  If you are travelling overseas, there are varying arrangements you may be able to access for necessary treatment for your accepted conditions.

The rules for travelling outside Australia vary according to your payments or concession card.  Some payments or concession cards will automatically stop as soon as you leave the country, and may reinstate upon your return.  Income support payments such as Newstart Allowance, Youth Allowance, Austudy, Sickness Allowance, Dad and Partner Pay and Parental Leave Pay will stop when you leave unless you have approval to travel temporarily with these payments.  

You can get help with costs for medically necessary care when you visit any of those countries.  

This includes: emergency care, and care for an illness or injury that can’t wait till you get home.   You still need to get your own travel health insurance.

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