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DVA Assistance Dog Programs

Please Note: DVA does not provide companion or emotional support dogs. An assistance dog must be individually trained to perform work or tasks directly related to the veteran’s disability, while a companion or emotional support dog provides comfort and coping assistance to an individual.

Image by Lucy M

24th February each year 

National Day for War Animals

National Day for War Animals is available on the 

Australian War Memorial website

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The National Day for War Animals The Purple Poppy recognises the extraordinary loyalty and courage of all animals who serve alongside our military in times of war and peace. On the frontlines of conflict protecting and supporting our diggers, or in the homes of veterans living with the trauma of service, these often unsung heroes have earned a place in the hearts of all Australians.

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Attributed to The Purple Poppy

Attributed to Military Shop

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Man with Dog
Cowboy at the Rodeo
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