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There are many government and non government agencies providing foster care either as independent organisations or as part of a larger, sometimes church-based organisation.  These organisations have registered and authorised carers that provide a safe, loving and caring environment for children.   If you are, or know someone, that is in need of emergency or short term care; contact one of the below agencies.

Care for Children; whilst a Veteran, First Responder or a family member is in hospital and there are no other friends or family to provide care.  Emergency Care (1-4 weeks care) or Short Term Care (4 weeks to 6 months).

If you would like to become a carer, please talk to and register your interest with a qualified registered foster care government or private organisation .  It is extremely important that people are suitable to be an authorised foster carer as children need to be safe and free from harm.   Foster carers are generally determined based on the outcomes of their background checks and on all adults in the household including a criminal record check, history and personal and medical referee checks. 

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