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The Prime Minister's National Veterans' Employment Program demonstrates the importance the Government places on raising awareness of the skills, values and experience veterans bring to the civilian workplace.

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Information Supporting Employers

Why Hire



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with Veterans

Employed a Reservist?

Reservists are disciplined and skilled workers who display pride, leadership, responsibility, and professionalism in what they do. They understand the mission of their civilian jobs and make it a priority to get results, all while displaying a strong work ethic.  Reservist personnel are critical to maintaining Australia's Armed Forces capability and are fit, focused and resourceful.

Mental Wellbeing Programs

Open Arms has a range of employee services that can complement employers existing people services.

Make a commitment to support employment for Veterans

Small Business?

If you are a Employer with less than 15 employees, you may be able to obtain support here


The Australian Apprenticeships Incentive System (Incentives System) provides a broad support to the economy through wage subsidies for eligible employers in priority occupations and ensuring Australians receive quality training while in paid employment.

Employer Support one stop shop for advice and support on employing people with disability.

Job Access provides free and expert support to help remove barriers to employing people with a disability. This includes an advice service, employer engagement team, workplace modifications, support and training… and much more.

Identify the rank to equivalent skills in the civilian employment

The NT has provided a 

"rank to grade  guide"

for civilian equivalent

ADF ranks.gif

Prime Minister's National Veterans' Employment Awards

The Awards recognise organisations that employ and support veterans, and partners of current and former serving Australian Defence Force personnel, as well as celebrating veterans and partners who are doing great things as an employee or entrepreneur.

© Commonwealth of Australia 2022.  Permission granted 18/05/2023 for use

Vetertans Seeking Employment

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