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There are thousands of organisations, Australia wide, that provides services to Australian Veterans.  Their programs and support is of significance, no matter their size, and we honor their existence.    Searching and being aware of what is entitled to Veterans and their family is overly complex, and difficult to navigate, and not all organisations are able to fund advertisements or obtain a high public profile to reach Veterans where their services may be of benefit to them.  This is not only a struggle for Veterans themselves, but also for their family and loved ones who have to try to assist or gain support during this struggle.  AV Connect is closing this integral gap!

'Esprit de corps (pronounced es-pree deh core) translates from French as group spirit. It is a synonym for words like morale, comradeship, and purpose.  In its strictest sense, its applied only to military groups, who together form a sense of purpose and comradeship.'

AV Connect is giving back by forming a purpose of togetherness - forever and not forgotten -

No Veteran should be disadvantaged by their unique experience of ADF service, and this means being provided access and information that may assist and or support them.   AV Connect is the only program that is bringing a most comprehensive resource, information and organisations onto one site for all Veterans to view what is entitled and provided to them.   AV Connect is giving every Veteran the ability to search, learn, obtain steps, and connect with any organisation that may assist them, as the choice and freedom to access all support networks enhances Veterans individual needs.  

Enhancing Veterans knowledge of entitlements & Support

AV Connect

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About the Founders of the AV Connect Program

In 2019 the Founder of the AV Connect Program was again diagnosed with advanced Melanoma Cancer that had spread, and a 20% chance of survival was given, all whilst her Veteran son had just returned from deployment and ready to go on another.  The Founder's wish was to help her son which would also stem to help all other Veterans get through family traumas whilst serving for our Country, by having a one place social services virtual world to seek support and access a network of organisations.  As the Founder went onto a rigorous clinical trial for 12 months of immunotherapy, her concept had to be placed aside.  In 2020 the concept entered small steps towards the main goal and until the Founder was well enough to bring her ideas together, the RCSS website was introduced as her stepping stone with the concept.


In 2021 whilst driving hundreds of kilometres to assist the most vulnerable, including Veterans and families, the Founder and her Veteran husband appreciated all the small organisations that were making a large impact although not in the public eye or gaining large grants and endorsements from the government.  We are about inclusiveness and encouragement of ALL that volunteer their own time and assistance for Veterans, whether large or small.  Then, Doctors and medical professionals started to embrace our concept using our linking book to organisations and support services to assist their Veteran patients.


In 2022 we finally introduced the program as a larger site, instead of just being a page on the Charity website since 2020.


Every little or large step is as equally important for Veterans, and we feel that AV Connect provides every opportunity for all Veterans to make informed individual choices through accessing information, resources and organisations, whether service allied or civilian, on one site. The Founders are Veterans and family members, and have had a connection to Veterans since 1939 and still continue to have family members serve.  Community Philanthropy has been in the Founders family since the mid 1800s in Australia, and it was an easy decision to continue the legacy, especially behind the scenes.   ​'Veteran' has a special meaning to us.  We also have family that are First Responders, it is special for those that have served in the ADF & our Country, and also to their families, which in turn transpires a meaning to the wider community.   

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A touching message from Afghanistan to the founding member, after sending 4 boxes of Australian snacks, gifts and art each and every week to Australian and international soldiers to give her support.

Linking Everyone

For one Common Goal

Freedom as a Veteran and family member to learn & or be supported by ALL available organisations that truly give their valued time and hearts!

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