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Cyber Security

Anyone can fall prey to a scam, regardless of age, gender, education or economic background, although older people and the vulnerable are often targeted, and may be especially at risk because of their circumstances.


Being isolated or lonely, or living with dementia or having mental health concerns are also a risk of being a prey to scams.


People that have been successfully scammed have a devastating financial and emotional impact against their every day lives.  People lose their entire life savings; although the loss or relatively small amounts can still have devastating consequences.


Scams can impact a person’s physical and mental health and can lead to victims being more likely to require social care services they didn’t previously need.

It is important for the AV Connect program to have a section to support Veterans, first responders and their families in building knowledge, awareness and having the ability to know where to turn to.  

Scams can be in the form of (but not limited to):

  • Social media scams

  • Email scams

  • Text message scams

  • Phone scams

AV Connect supports the ACSC partnership program which the ACSC Partnership Program enables Australian organisations and individuals to engage with the ACSC and fellow partners, drawing on collective understanding, experience, skills and capability to lift cyber resilience across the Australian economy.

Credit Reports

Credit reports help to check whether your details are being used fraudulently.

To request a copy of your credit report:


Each credit reporting body may hold different information about you. You may need to request a copy of your credit report from each one.

For more information about credit reports, visit the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

A credit report ban or freeze helps if you think your identity may have been stolen. If you have reasonable grounds to believe you have been or are likely to be victim of fraud, you can request a ban on your credit report.

Parliament House


Access Canberra.  Information against Cyber crimes

Sydney Opera House


Access NSW.  Information against Cyber crimes

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Access NT.  Information against Cyber crimes



Access QLD.  Information against Cyber crimes

Noarlunga South Australia


Access SA.  Information against Cyber crimes

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Access TAS.  Information against Cyber crimes

Image by Dhruva Reddy


Access VIC.  Information against Cyber crimes

Image by Fadzai Saungweme


Access WA.  Information against Cyber crimes

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