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AVCAT is a national charity providing tertiary education scholarships and bursaries to children and grandchildren of ex-serving veterans.

Veteran Families Student Support

The Department of Veterans’ Affairs provides financial assistance to children of veterans (eligible) through the Veterans’ Children Education Scheme (VCES) and the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act Education and Training Scheme (MRCAETS).  The VCES is established under the Veterans’ Entitlements Act 1986 (VEA). The MRCAETS is established under the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2004 (MRCA)


  • Under the MRCA, a tax-free lump sum payment may be available for each dependent child under 16, or between 16 and 25 if in full-time education. Gold Card (while under 16 years or between 16 and 25 if in full time education).

  • For people aged 16 and over, the Education Allowance under Veteran Children’s Education Scheme or Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2004 Education and Training Scheme may be available. 

For more detailed information, please visit the Department of Veterans’ Affairs links below.  DVA provides a matrix comparison of benefits for VEA, DRCA, MRCA.

Services Australia supports a group of payments for parents and carers of children who can't go to a local state school. This could be because of geographical isolation, disability or special needs.  You can see more information via the Services Australia Links below.

Veteran Study Support

The Education Entry Payment (EdEP) is a yearly payment for those who start studying and are on certain income support programs.  The Education Entry Payment is a payment designed to assist eligible persons, receiving certain payments under the Veterans’ Entitlements Act 1986 (VEA), with the costs of enrolling in a course of study to develop their skills, obtain a qualification, or to improve their employment prospects.

The PES is a fortnightly Centrelink payment, which provides assistance with ongoing study costs in respect of approved courses of study.  Centrelink will confirm whether a course of study is approved or not, when an application is made for PES for elegible DVA clients.

Services Australia in addition provides support for the following:

  • Resources, referrals and support for parents with children at school. 

  • Help and support with further study, including university and TAFE.

  • Help and support during your apprenticeship or traineeship.

  • Support while you retrain or improve your skills. Information about finding the right training and starting a new job.

For more detailed information, please visit the Department of Veterans’ Affairs and or Services Australia via the links below.  



Stands for Massive Open Online Courses

Free online courses available to anyone. They are similar to online courses in terms of teaching and learning methods videos, group chats, assignments and tests, but they do not generally provide academic credit for use in other traditional courses, nor will you have much (if any) interaction with the lecturer.

The benefits of studying a MOOC

  • They're free. Unlike traditional online units and degrees, you do not have to pay a fee to take the course, although many of the MOOC providers do charge a fee if you want your achievements officially recognised with a certificate of completion.

  • There are no entry requirements. There are no barriers to entry — you do not need to achieve a high ATAR score or sit an interview to participate, just an interest in the subject matter and a thirst for knowledge!

  • Try before you buy. MOOCs are a great way of seeing what a field of study is like, or what the teaching quality at an institution is like before you invest three years of your life studying for a degree. They also provide a realistic indication of the demands of higher education study and the amount of work that is required to complete a module or unit of a degree.

  • Learn from the best. MOOCs are taught by some of the foremost specialists in their fields. You don't need to be sitting in a lecture theatre at a prestigious university to take advantage of their teaching staff's knowledge.

  • Collaborate with students worldwide. There is the potential for thousands of students to be taking the same MOOC as you and, at any time of the day or night, there is bound to be someone to chat to across the globe about the details of your course.


by the Universities for the Communities

to UPSKILL for a Healthy Mind

Discover Best Practice Farming for a Sustainable 2050

Although this course is based on agriculture, it's not only about farming. It is a multi-disciplinary course that addresses a wide range of issues confronting the industry, including rural communities, rural infrastructure and conservation of biodiversity in agriculture.

Understanding Ageing

Understanding Ageing aims to provide learners with a fundamental understanding of ageing in Australia and how we can support healthy ageing for ourselves, our families, the older people we work with and within our community.

Exploring Social Work and Human Services Career Paths

Explore and discover what social work and human services is all about through the stories of practitioners working in the field.

Programming for Data Science

Learn how to apply fundamental programming concepts, computational thinking and data analysis techniques to solve real-world data science problems.

'Talk to me': Improving mental health and suicide prevention in young adults

Learn strategies to help improve the mental health of young people in your life, recognise concerning behaviours, and feel better prepared to have conversations about mental health.

How Music Can Change Your Life

This course provides free video, audio and journal resources that explain six basic principles about how music can influence individual and community health and wellbeing. From biology and neuroscience, to psychotherapy and politics, the ways we engage with music can make all the difference.

Exercising Leadership: Foundational Principles

In this introductory course, you will explore strategies for leading in a changing world where adaptive pressures will continue to challenge all of us. You will discover new ways to approach complex organisational systems and take thoughtful action on the work we all face ahead. Most importantly, you will reflect on how to move forward on the leadership challenges you care about most.

Leading Strategic Innovation: How to Lead with Purpose

Discover the importance of strategic thinking, innovation, and purposeful leadership when dealing with change.

Deakin University free short courses

OPEN Learning

Nutrition and Cancer

Discover the latest insights on the role of diet, nutrition and lifestyle in the prevention, occurrence and progression of cancer in the open and online course Nutrition and Cancer.

Nutrition: vitamins and minerals

Discover the latest insights on the role of diet, nutrition and lifestyle in the prevention, occurrence and progression of cancer in the open and online course Nutrition and Cancer.

Food and Mood : Improving Mental Health Through Diet and Nutrition

Explore how food, nutrition, and mental health are all related, and how to make optimal dietary changes.

Resume & Interview Skills Hub

Stressed Woman


AV Connect thanks the Goodwill Foundation for their text and videos and supporting the Australian Veterans!

- Attribution to the GCF Global -

Their mission includes providing education & employment empowerment through knowledge

Image by Wilhelm Gunkel

Learning Microsoft products

Office  - Gain essential skills in Office 2019 and 365, including Microsoft Access, Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.

Free Office Tutorials at GCFGlobal

Typing on a Keyboard

Free Online Typing Course & Practice

Some employers are seeking that you have a minimum of 20 WPM typing speed. If typing skills are required, you’ll often see the phrases like “60 WPM,” which means the employers are seeking someone who can type at least 60 words per minute. Workplace Typing Tests If you’re a candidate for a job that requires typing skills, the employer may ask you to complete a typing test and this is the best free tutoring service to get you past that post!

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