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People over 65

People who are aged 65 years and over and do not meet the age requirements to access the NDIS may be eligible for support under the Commonwealth Continuity of Support Programme.

The Continuity of Support Programme will support people with disability that are:

  • 65 years and over or 50 years and over for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, at the time the NDIS rolls out in their region; and

  • assessed as being ineligible for the NDIS at the time the NDIS rolls out in their region; and

  • an existing client of state-administered specialist disability services at the time the Continuity of Support Programme commences in their region.


More information on the Commonwealth Continuity of Support Programme is available on the Department of Health website

If you do not meet the eligibility criteria for the Commonwealth Continuity of Support Programme, NDIS suggests you contact My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 (freecall). 

Further information is available 

Primary Disability and evidence 

Supports funded by NDIS

Supports funded by the NDIS include:

  • Supports that build people's capacity to live independently in the community, supports to improve living skills, money and household management, social and communication skills and behavioural management

  • Home modifications to the participant's own home or a private rental property and on a case-by-case basis in social housing

  • Support with personal care, such as assistance with showering and dressing

  • Help around the home where the participant is unable to undertake these tasks due to their disability, such as assistance with cleaning and laundry.

Some locations have been reclassified for pricing arrangements.  For participants in locations classified as more remote, NDIS funding will be increased to recognise the higher price for support delivery.  You can check your locality and MMM zone below:

Modified Monash Model (MMM) NDIS

  • MMM Zones 1 – 3 = 30 minutes max travel time

  • MMM Zones 4 – 5 = 60 minutes max travel time

  • MMM 6 & 7 = Remote & Very Remote:

    • Capacity-building providers can make agreements with participants to cover travel costs

    • No travel time limit applies.

    • The max charge rate per hour for the relevant support item applies.



Taking Care of Plants

Respite Care

We may be able to give you (if you care for someone) or your carer a break or arrange other care if you/your carer need to go away on short notice.

Image by Nathan Anderson

Carer Gateway is an Australian Government program providing free services and support for carers.

If you care for a family member or friend with disability, a medical condition, mental illness, or who is frail due to age, then Carer Gateway can help you.

Office Meeting

Carers Australia is the national peak body representing Australia’s unpaid carers, advocating on their behalf to influence policies and services at a national level.

Collecting Money

Carers Payment

Collecting Money

Carers Allowance

Collecting Money

Disability Support Payment

Collecting Money

Travel & Payments

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