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Domestic Services

Household Domestic Services

Who can receive it

You may be eligible if you:

  • are unable to manage household tasks because of your accepted service-related injury or condition (accepted under MRCA or DRCA); and

  • are assessed as having a reasonable requirement for household services

If you have a Veteran Gold Card or a Veteran White Card for an accepted service related injury and condition, you are eligible for a VHC assessment.

Every Veteran's case is different and will depend on the accepted MRCA / DRCA condition(s) as well as their environment.  Therefore, DVA has an Occupational Therapist undertake an assessment to look at the many layers that create a Veteran's individualised approval for compensation through household services.


There are limitations that can also affect the amount of household services approved, one of these being the weekly statutory limit, also found at the link above.

Find out more about Veterans’ home Care for those clients with VEA only below:


DVA can help you access health care and services to help you live safely and independently in your home.

What are household services

Extra support can be provided if you need help at home because of a service-related injury or condition.

Short-term help can be provided to assist while you are recovering from surgery or on an ongoing basis if you have complex health issues.

Common services may include help with:

  • cleaning

  • shopping

  • childcare in some short-term and crisis care circumstances

  • laundry

  • ironing

  • lawn mowing

  • gardening

  • meal preparation

  • cooking

  • dishwashing

  • bed making

  • general tidy

  • window cleaning

  • gutter cleaning

  • solar power cleaning

FIrst point of contact is DVA, however; please seek assistance from a qualified advocate and wellbeing officer near you for further information and support.

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