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Take the challenge of viewing this video for 30 seconds.  A depiction of an overload of information and a minefield of data, how it may feel, already having a disposition of psychological hyperarousal.


Now read the following in front of the overload


Imagine having the knowledge that there are thousands of organisations that could support you and an equal amount of benefits entitled that could assist your health and wellbeing, but not accessing them due to an 'overload'.

Just imagine one ball being thrown at you, you catch it and if then another two balls come towards you, at the same time, you will have just enough time and skill to catch both.  But all of a sudden there are eight balls thrown at you, not only will you not catch all eight, you won’t catch any.   This is the same as what could happen to our Veterans. They could be missing out on vital support and entitlements.

ADF service increases the likelihood of exposure to trauma (either directly or indirectly) and affects their acess to support networks, becoming disconnected and isolated.  Families and children are caught up in a web of complex searching and they too become disconnected and isolated.  Imagine families being able to access one site to support their loved ones and to understand a little more about what can be provided.

There can never be too many organisations, but there can always be an overload of searching and processing all the support networks.

AV Connect provides the Veterans and their families a place to make informed choices then link to an organisation.   It also provides professionals and support workers to source what is needed from one place, relevant to each and every Veterans individual circumstances.

Allowing Veterans and their families to process their own data but all available in one space and limiting additional hyperarousal and loss of entitlements or suport.

When you looked at the first video, you were transported through the world of data and an overload of information.  How long can you really look at this video without feeling a little nauseous and giving up!

Now; when you view the second video, you could concentrate on the important information that specifically related to what you were aiming to achieve without giving up.   

This is why AV Connect exists, even though the first video is still playing in the background, the information is all captured.

Small steps towards reaching one goal

Making it simpler for Veterans and their families to access as many benefits and support Networks that specifically provide like minded comradeship.   One roof, one place, one umbrella .......  a world ready to hand the freedom and choice back to our Veterans and families.


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