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Getting Assistance
When You Need It

Hundreds — possibility even thousands — of benefits, programs, groups, and phone services are available to veterans and their families. This website provides links to some of the most well-known, and we hope that you will use some of these links if you or a loved one are in need. Whether you’re a veteran who is confused about how to seek benefits, you’re dealing with a mental health crisis, or you’re a caregiver who simply needs a little outside support, these resources can help you connect with the right agencies, organisations and people.

Linking You to Services When You Want it

This website is designed as a comprehensive look at resources and support groups for veterans and their families.   If you feel there is a service that is not listed on this website that is important for our Veterans and their families wellbeing please contact us.

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All on one site

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DVA & Your Health Professionals, are Your First Points of Contacts, However; in addition:-

Australian Veterans don’t just have to exclusively rely on the Department of Veteran Affairs and Government Agencies to support them.  In fact, both private and public organisations across Australia offer support to Veterans and their families and most are funded to complement the benefits provided by DVA and the State, Territory and Commonwealth.  Most provide extra benefits and services at no cost to active and former service members; others may set a low cost fee and provide locations where Veterans can meet with each other or take part in professionally led support groups.

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